Biometric device - Facial and Fingerprint recognition

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  • Easy interface
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Fast recognition - high definition dual camera
  • Accurate recognition - three dimensional imaging
  • import and export employee information, Generate reports


Are you looking for a system that will keep you calm without worrying about your employees not arriving on time, or about unfamiliar people getting inside and outside your place?

This biometric device is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to recognize people by their face and fingerprints. It has high accuracy and packed with dual high quality cameras. Three dimensional imaging to recognize the person more accurately. Its a full system that also can generate reports for you about who came in and when.


  • Various methods: face fingerprint hybrid recognition, three methods of identification for free attendance mode verification; high-definition color screen supports voice broadcast and intelligent input method.
  • Excellent face recognition technology: fast face recognition, not just faster. High-precision total reflection optical collector, dimly lit, and face recognition. Infrared multi-source illumination, high-definition dual camera, three-dimensional imaging, nice to leak any details.
  • 360° fingerprint fast recognition: 360° fingerprint recognition technology can quickly identify fingers at different angles. The whole voice prompt operation is clear, the employee punches in and out of work, and the attendance machine voice synchronization prompts.
  • Powerful performance: a new generation of new upgraded chips, high-speed 32-bit processor, high-speed identification, and reduced error. Large storage space, capacity upgrade, new system stability and reliability, full experience. 300 face records, 1000 fingerprints, and 300,000 memory capacity.
  • Convenience: You can import and export employee information and scheduling settings table through U disk, automatically generate reports, open on the computer through U disk download, attendance information at a glance, no need to install attendance software. Register the whole process voice prompt, free software self-service report, operation interface optimization, the setting is simpler.

    Additional Features:

    1.Face Recognition, Swipe Face for Verification As fast as less than 1 sec/Voice prompt/ Software Free/Easy to setup.

    2.High Speed and durability ensured by film free sensor,360 Omni-directional recognition enhances verification rate by accepting wet&dry&damaged finger.

    3.Touch free face recognition enhances the verification rate dramatically. Verified under any circumstances besides weak light.

    4.Infared multi-light and dual camera ensured a high acceptance rate.

    5.ensures easy operation and says goodbye to complicated programs.

    6.Voice prompts as soon as a punch in/out



    Mode: Software free(U disk export Excel report directly)

    Collector: High precision total reflection optical collector

    Attendance speed:face:60ms/time,fingerprint:200ms/time,password:50ms/time

    False-positive rate:0.0001%

    Drop:Design to withstand 1.2m drops to concrete 5 times

    Environmental Sealing:IP54

    Working Temperature:0.45℃

    Conserve Temperature:0-50℃

    Environment Light:1000LUX

    Net Weight:332g

    Host Size(L"W*H):185*155*36mm


    Interface: USB

    Data download: U-disk

    Verification Mode: Face/Fingerprint/PIN Speed:≤0.8sec Log Capacity:100,000pcs



    Since the product will be affected by the environment and light during the shooting process, the color of the product will be slightly different, and the color displayed on the display of each computer will also be different. There will be a certain color difference between the actual product and the picture, please refer to the actual product received.

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