Cooler Backpack - 33L Large Capacity Refrigerator

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  • 6 hours temperature reservation
  • Leakproof
  • Large capacity - 36 cans of 255ml
  • Fashionable
  • Easy to carry

This bag is great for trips, it can contain so much drinks and food in it and hold their temperature for a long time - 6 hours.

It’s Waterproof from the outside, leakproof from the inside
Holds the temperature inside longer so that you can keep your beer cool for longer or your tea food warm for longer.

Large capacity - can contain 36 cans! Has more pockets there in the sides of the bag - so you can use them to put your phone or any other thing that you want to carry on your trips - so convenient you dont need another bag to hold your stuff, this refrigerator bag can hold both the things you want to keep cold, and your belongings.

Breathable design, Reduces sweat from your bag while you carry it for a long time.
It can hold 36 cans of 255ml or 12 bottles of 600ml bottle beer.

Portable design thats actually comfortable to carry with your trips, because lets face it, thats the goal - to enjoy the trip, and provide as much comfort. Have a great experience drinking beer on the beach or at the park with friends or family members that you love. 

This refrigeration bag can keep its contents cold / warm for 6 hours! It’s a long enough time for any trip of this kind. It’s made of a wear resistant fabric.
It’s fashionable
It can carry drinks fruits ice cream and even food


It's Great for hanging out, for traveling, camping, beaches, parks, bbq. Enjoy with your friends and family share drinks and food with them that is fresh and cold, especially when your’e outside in nature and there is a warm weather.



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