Infant Fall Protection Pillow

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Never Worry About Your Baby Bumping His Head.

You can now let him play alone without worrying that something seriously bad will happen to him. Keep calm this cute protection pillow will protect him.

This amazing shock absorbing product is filled with soft and breathable material, protecting your child's head when walking, crawling and standing.

It can be even be used as a soothing doll to soothe the baby's sleep. It is the best choice for babies during their growth period, and it is also a powerful little helper for mothers.

It's perfect for crawling, standing & walking. 
The head protector will stay tightly secured to easily protect your child's head when you can't catch them. And at the same time won't limit his movements, he can freely move around without crying that something is limiting him (which happens with other protection pillows in the market.) 

It has an instant shock absorption
No tears, bumps, or surprise emergency visits. The ultra-soft cotton padding is like landing on a pillow. It'll instantly absorb the force of the impact, so your child won't feel a thing. The reassurance and peace you'll get knowing your child is safe is priceless.

Made of high-quality materials
This charming baby head protector used breathable tinsel and high resilience PP cotton that makes its quality superb and exemplary for babies' safety precautions.

Unique and adorable design
Let this fall protection pillow add to your child's cuteness and angelic presence. He will be the center of attraction wearing this and will probably be one of the most favorite little ones in town.

Makes an awesome gift idea
Thinking of a good gift idea to a toddler or their parents? This must be what you are looking for. They will think that you are not just thoughtful but also that you truly care.



  • Material: Breathable Tencel and PP cotton .
  • Size: 13.11 x 7.48 x 2.36 inches (33 x 19 x 6 cm)
  • Weight: 5.9 oz (0.17 kg)
  • Pattern: Animals
  • Suitable age: 0-4 years old