Mini Thermal Imager

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  • Get accurate and instant thermal images of surfaces
  • Easy to bring anywhere for site inspections
  • Durable casing for long service life
  • Easy to operate


High performance type high gain: typical ±2.5℃ ±4.5℉

High performance type low gain: typical ±3.0℃ ±5.4℉

Human detection distance: 7m

Viewing angle: typical 60°

Current consumption: 0.8-4.5 mA

Number of pixel: 64

Number of sensor address: 2



Looking for a high performing thermal camera that can quickly get thermal signatures from small electronics to huge buildings? Analyze different object’s heat signatures fast and know the problems immediately. Our thermal imaging camera is portable and can be used anywhere you need it!


Our Mini Thermal Camera can accurately detect the invisible infrared spectrum and different temperatures of surfaces up to 7 meters in distance. This imaging camera saves your time by giving a temperature measurement of the whole electronic component without needing to measure each part.

Gone are the days that you need to manually measure each component to get correct heat signatures. In construction inspections, engineers can immediately discover areas of high temperature or causes of lost heat energy, such as overheating parts or possible thermal insulation flaws.



  • FIXED CENTER CROSSHAIR- Our thermal camera can detect the exact temperature of a specific part of a device with a centered crosshair. With this, you can precisely find the overheating parts of any system. Your work would be much faster by instantly locating the problem in any machinery.
  • FAR DETECTION DISTANCE - This infrared thermal camera can detect temperature up to 7 meters. It is a perfect gadget for rescuing in fire situations and security surveillances. With this much distance, you can determine if there are humans or living beings from afar.
  • DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS - These are ideally used in construction, HAVC, air conditioner maintenance, machinery equipment, and much more! It’s a perfect buddy for engineers, computer technicians, and maintenance experts.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE - Our durable camera is made with fine quality materials and comes with a housing for additional protection. It can be directly powered by a 5V USB cable and you can start taking infrared images.


Machine maintenance would get so much easier if you purchase our Thermal Imager now! It also removes all the hassle from manual checking each and every part of a machinery system, air conditioning unit, and computers!

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