Multifunctional Food Vacuum Sealer

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  • Precisely controlled temperature for vacuum cooking
  • Maintains food freshness
  • Prevents food from floating during vacuum water bath
  • Avoid contamination on your food
  • Simple to use

Voltage: 220VAC~50Hz

Power: 170W

Vacuum time: 1~60 seconds optional

Sealing time: 1~15 seconds

Net weight: 2.25kg

Width of lockable bag: ≤ 30cm

Length of bag cutter: 30cm

Sealing line width: 8mm

Do you want to protect your food from being crushed and contaminated? Our food vacuum sealer can give you both of these benefits! It’s a multi-purpose tool that can vacuum seal your food and also pump air to prevent it from being squashed. It’s the best vacuum sealer available today!

It’s also best for perfecting your Sous vide cooking. This vacuum sealing machine prevents the food from floating around the water bath and also allows it to be consistently cooked with the right temperature. There’s also no more risk of contamination unlike those regular ziplocks!



  • EFFECTIVELY PREPARE ALL KINDS OF FOOD - The Sous vide cooking style is easier than ever! Water cannot pass through the bag and contaminate your goods, ensuring that your meals remain safe during the water bath. Enjoy a better tasting meal with our food vacuum sealer!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE WORKING MODES - You can manually control the sealing time and intensity of vacuum to your preference. Our 170-watt food vacuum sealer can not only vacuum seal solid and liquid products, but it can also inflate vacuum seal bags containing soft and delicate goods such as homemade bread, biscuits, crackers, and more.
  • WIDE SEALING BAR - The wide sealing is stronger for varied thicknesses of vacuum sealer bags to prevent air or leakage, which is superior to other vacuum sealers' standard which can only cater to 5mm width bags. Our vacuum sealing machine can cater up to bags that are 11.8” wide!
  • EASY TO USE - Simply fill the bag with food, plug the open end into our vacuum sealing device, and the food sealer machine does all the work - removing all the air before making an impenetrable air tight closure. It also has a built-in stainless steel bag cutter for a straighter cut on your vacuum bags. No hassle at all!


Get fresher and food that is longer preserved with our food vacuum sealer! It can perfectly seal various types of bags unlike regular kitchen sealing devices. It’s the ultimate food sealer machine for your kitchen. Never worry about contamination and crushed food again!

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